Friends Meeting House
40 Bull Street
B4 6AF

Bull Street Local Meeting.

Local Meetings

Bull Street – Birmingham City Centre

Sunday Morning Meeting at 10.30am

Lunchtime Meeting on Wednesday at 12.45 – 1.15pm

Bull Street Quaker Meeting does not have a Children’s Class on Sundays at present. Children are welcome,  however,  on Sunday mornings if the necessary arrangements can be made in advance, please ring Wendy Burnett on 0121 351 4117.

We provide light refreshments after Meetings.

Bull Street Meeting is situated in the very heart of Birmingham. Our Meeting House is modeled on the large Meeting room at Friends House in London but ours is much smaller and more homely! Sometimes we worship in one of the smaller rooms.

Apart from Sunday morning weekly Meeting for Worship, there is a regular lunchtime Meeting on most Wednesdays from 12.45 pm to 1.15 pm, with tea and coffee afterwards and a place to talk and eat your sandwiches. The Meeting room is wheelchair accessible and fitted with a hearing loop.

Contact for Bull Street Quaker Meeting correspondence: John Roylance, Clerk, 40 Bull Street, Birmingham, B4 6AF

Contact for general Quaker matters: 0121 236 2644

The Meeting House and adjacent rooms are available for hire during the week contact The Priory Rooms Conference Centre: 0121 236 2317 or

Directions: please click here: Click here to find us – a link to Multimap or further details on The Priory Rooms website.

Heritage Open Days – The meeting house will be open to visitors on national “Heritage  Day’s”.  The current Quaker Meeting House was built in 1933 on a site occupied by Quakers since 1703.  Information illustrating Quaker history and introducing modern Quakers.    No admission charge but any donations  will be welcome.   Refreshments available